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Front View


Rear View

Front Bumper Spoiler

Rear Bumper Spoiler

LED Headlight Cover

Front Spoiler 4Fog Lump

Front Spoiler 6Fog Lump

Rear Spoiler

Over Fender
Stainless Chrome Line (LongEShort)

Front Mesh Grille+Frame

Rear Wing

Spare Tire Cover Carbon Black

Stainless Chrome Bonnet Airintake

Stainless Chrome Fender Airintake

Spare Tire Cover Stainless Chrome Emblem
with Star Mark

Stainless Step Chrome Line

Stainless Step Under Chrome Line

Coil Spring Suspension

BW-101 Alumite Black

Wheel Gallery

BW-101 Super Chrome

Wheel Gallery

BW-101 Material Finish

Wheel Gallery


Each and every BRANEW Bodykits are made in Japanese domestic.

Item List

Model year Item Category Price (excluding tax)
  Front Bumper Spoiler Aero Dynamics 198,000
  Rear Bumper Spoiler Aero Dynamics 118,000
  LED Headlight Cover Other Parts 88,000
  Front Spoiler Fog-4 (Fog lamp / sold separately)@ Aero Dynamics 88,000
  Front Spoiler Fog-6 (Fog lamp / sold separately) Aero Dynamics 110,000
  Fog Lump (Fog-2) Fog Lump 15,000
  Over Fender@4piece Aero Dynamics 115,000
  Rear Wing@ Aero Dynamics 88,000
  Rear Spoiler Aero Dynamics 97,000
  Front Mesh Grille+Frame Aero Dynamics 88,000
  Stainless Chrome Line 10piece@for Long Stainless Parts 52,400
  Stainless Chrome Fender Airintake@2piece Stainless Parts 43,100
  Stainless Chrome Bonnet Airintake@(S) Stainless Parts 43,200
  Stainless Chrome Bonnet Airintake@(W) Stainless Parts 43,200
  Stainless Chrome Bonnet Airintake (W Long) Stainless Parts 43,200
  Stainless Step Chrome Line 2piece@with BRANEW Logo Stainless Parts 61,000
  Stainless Step Under Chrome Line 2piece Stainless Parts 44,700
  Spare Tire Cover Stainless Chrome Emblemwith Star Mark Stainless Parts 24,000
  Spare Tire Cover Carbon Black@(No Emblem)@ Other Parts 138,000
  G-One Coil Spring Suspension Other Parts 74,000
2001` G-One All Stainless Muffler@Quad Exit Muffler 255,000